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Hotel ARTIS | surroundings

The property is very near to the Università di Tor Vergata, the second most ancient university in Rome. It has a large park that goes from the Grande RaccordoAnulare to the Castelli Romani. Very close to the hotel you can find two of the biggest shopping centres in Rome: Cinecittà Due and La Romanina. La Romanina shopping centre develops on a large area and offers a great number of services for your own amusement and shopping. In this complex you will be also glad to find one of the Ikea shops in Rome: the leading interior designing company that has been able to gain the faithfulness of millions of people with its revolutionary ideas.

Through a rapid bus ride you can reach the Tor Tre Teste neighbourhood where you can seize the opportunity to visit on of the masterpieces of the contemporary religious architecture: the Jubilee Church (it was built in 2000 for the Jubilee),formally known as Dio Padre Misericordioso, designed by the famous US architect Richard Meier. As other pieces by Richard Meier, it is chromatically white. It seems to have four sailings and the tallest one reaches 26 metres. The church with these sails, with the nave recalling the idea of a ship, goes back to the Christian tradition picturing the Church as the beacon in the tumultuous ocean of the life

A little more than a mile, you can visit the Cinecittà Studios , known simply as Cinecittà, and the “Museum of Cinema” that is on the inside. Cinecittà is the top Italian film industry but is also used for foreign productions and television. At Cinecittà has been shot more than 3000 films, 90 of which received a nomination for an Oscar, 47 of which have won the prestigious statuette. Famous directors , national and international, have worked: from Francis Ford Coppola to Federico Fellini, from Luchino Visconto to Martin Scorsese.

Not far from the hotel, there is the famous Castel Gandolfo area, with the Pope’s summer residence, and its suggestive lake of Albano (wellknown as “Castelgandolfo Lake”). This is one of the “Castelli Romani”, historic towns dotted around the wooded Alban Hills and dominated by great villas. Castel Gandolfo is little more than a pretty village clustered around the Papal Palace and the extensive gardens enjoyed by John Paul II. The expression Castelli Romani is translated literally as 'Roman Castles', but it refers to a collection of wine-producing hill-towns to the south-east of Rome. These small towns and villages are scattered over the wooded slopes of the Alban Hills (ColliAlbani). The Lake Nemi and Lake Albano, two pearls of the local tourism, something to enjoy with pleasure.